Linden Lab goes Big Bully on Strawberry Singh

the glamour sauce

Some days I wonder what to write about on the blog but today there is just one subject. As you may know, I am one of the founders of the Blogger & Vlogger Network which aims to promote the work of bloggers and vloggers across SL by providing them with information, support and networking opportunities. One of the best advocates for the group, since it’s inception, has been Strawberry Singh.  Berry has been blogging, and vlogging, about Second Life for over 10 years and is easily the most prolific and most recognised of SL’s bloggers. Her tutorials are particularly useful for new, intermediate and experienced residents of our virtual world. It’s fair to say that she has done far more to promote Second Life than any employee of Second Life. Linden Lab have never gotten the new user experience right in Second Life, which is why so many join and never stay…

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